Google Hangouts and Google Meets

Dear Parent(s):

We are asking parents to please talk to their child(ren) about the use of Google Hangouts and Google Meets outside of school hours. Google Hangouts and Google Meets are strictly for school use and not to be used outside of school especially for socializing. Students have access to Google Meets if school

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Update on Grade 7 and 8 Immunizations

Due to the current COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the Grade 7 school program immunization program for the 2020/2021 cohort will be further delayed. Details about the resumption of clinical services will be provided before the end of the school year.

School program catch-up immunizations for the 2019/2020 cohort of Grade 7 students have been paused with the

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Using Disposable Face Masks at School  

Dear Parent(s)/Caregiver(s):

To continue to keep our staff and students safe, we kindly ask that if using disposable masks, please dispose of the masks each day. Disposable medical face masks are considered “single-use” products. These masks should be regarded as contaminated after use and discarded accordingly. Most students prefer a fresh mask daily especially with students

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