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December is a Month for Giving!

Good afternoon SUNS!

As we head into the Christmas Season, we wanted to share a few special initiatives with our wonderful community.

Our Angel Tree is back!  The tree is up in the foyer and we are ready to hang some angels!  If you are able, we would ask that you bring in a new, unwrapped toy

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Being Kind

Good Afternoon SUNS!

Last week, we participated in Bullying Awareness Week activities. Although our week is over, we will still use the many strategies and skills we learned.

  • Awaken to building new friendships! – we made new connections and hopefully some new friends.
  • Awaken your capacity for Empathy! – we were empathetic toward someone and we
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Bullying Awareness Week – Day 5

Good afternoon SUNS!

Today is our last day for the Bullying Awareness Week. Today’s theme is: Awaken relationships through acts of kindness!  Today we work to intentionally BE KIND!

Students participated in the ‘Pay it Forward” idea. This helps students build empathy and compassion by noticing good qualities in others. Acts of kindness

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Our Angel Tree is back at SJP II Suns!

Good evening SUNS!

We are so excited to announce the return of our Angel Tree once again this year!  I know it may seem a little early, but we are running the campaign from Monday, November 28, 2022, to Friday, December 16th, 2022.

This program provides many toys and support to many needy children in our immediate

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Bullying Awareness Week – Day 4

Good afternoon SUNS!

We are continuing to look at Bullying Prevention and Awareness.  How can we do this?  We can focus on our theme today: Awaken our ability to engage in conflict resolution!  

Conflict resolution skills are best modelled and practiced in a safe and supportive environment. Students benefit from learning

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Bullying Awareness Week – Day 3

Good afternoon, SUNS!

Today, we continue our look at Bullying Awareness and Prevention.  Our theme today is: Awaken your listening ear! 

We need to truly listen to one another. How can you let someone know you are listening to them? Learning to recognize and celebrate how people are both the same

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Bullying Awareness Week – Day 2

Good afternoon SUNS!

Today’s theme for our Bullying Awareness Week is – Awaken your capacity for Empathy!

Empathy skills help with conflict resolution and maintaining positive relationships. When students learn to put themselves in another’s shoes, they can develop new and more compassionate perspectives. 

Today, students were asked to try to be

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Today is Progress Report Day!

Good evening SUNS!

You will receive your child’s progress report today.  Please take a moment to look through them with your child tonight!  It is so important that you understand the many areas of success for your children – and there are a lot of them.  It is also important that you can see some specific

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