Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Due to the number of students who have gone virtual board-wide requires more teachers than St. Isidore currently has available. To meet the needs of these students, and recognizing our adjusted enrolment, many schools have been identified to loan teachers to support the additional staffing that is required for the online learners. For this reason, our school is readjusting to make-up the shortfall at St. Isidore and minimizing the impact on the whole school.

Effective Tuesday, October 13th, Miss Hersh will be starting at St. Isidore virtual school.  The Grade 8 void will be filled by Miss Freiburger, and Mrs. Antolcic will be taking over Miss Freiburger’s Grade 5 class.

This adjustment has affected our school in the following manner:

  • Antolcic’s Grade 2 students will be redistributed into the other Grade 2 classes and Mrs. Derzaj’s new Grade 2/3 class,
  • some of Mrs. Derzaj’s Grade 3 students will be redistributed to the other Grade 3 classes
  • All students affected received a letter today indicating the new change.

Again, we understand that this is a challenging and unprecedented time, and we appreciate your ongoing patience and support as we work together to make the most of this school year for the benefit of our children.