Parent Survey CLOSED

Dear SUNS:

We hope this message finds you well as we have just over a week before school re-opens!

At this time, we would like reiterate the message from the Board with regards to parents changing their minds regarding their survey answers.  We are not able to switch a student from face-to-face in-school learning to remote learning at this time.  The Board has been working very hard to set the virtual classrooms up based on the numbers that were given, and at this time, they are unable to reconfigure the classes to accommodate parents changing their minds.  These virtual classrooms are being staffed by teachers that come from different schools, the children are not receiving instruction from their home school.  We are sorry if this is an inconvenience for your family.  Parents will have the opportunity to revisit their decision in about four weeks time and the next time will be in November around Progress Reports.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding on this issue as this has been a monumental task.