Good Afternoon SUNS!

Last week, we participated in Bullying Awareness Week activities. Although our week is over, we will still use the many strategies and skills we learned.

  • Awaken to building new friendships! – we made new connections and hopefully some new friends.
  • Awaken your capacity for Empathy! – we were empathetic toward someone and we listened and related to them to build relationships!
  • Awaken your listening ear!  – we were active listeners and used our listening ears.
  • Awaken our ability to engage in Conflict Resolution – we learned how to solve conflicts appropriately.
  • Awaken relationships through Acts of Kindness – we noticed good qualities in others.

We will continue to focus on our Awaken Theme throughout the school year and be KIND to one another. So proud of the work you have done SUNS! Can’t wait to see all of these skills used here at school.