Good afternoon SUNS!

We are continuing to look at Bullying Prevention and Awareness.  How can we do this?  We can focus on our theme today: Awaken our ability to engage in conflict resolution!  

Conflict resolution skills are best modelled and practiced in a safe and supportive environment. Students benefit from learning how to solve conflicts appropriately, using words. Today, students brainstormed and identified some strategies they could use to find a solution to a conflict or disagreement.

Some of these strategies are:

  • Identify the issue – What do we disagree about?
  • Listen actively to each other’s side.
  • Clarify using “I” messages and a calm tone.
  • Swap sides – think about the disagreement from both sides.
  • Use eye contact.

I know you will continue to use these strategies. You can also practice these skills at home SUNS!