Good afternoon SUNS!

Today is our last day for the Bullying Awareness Week. Today’s theme is: Awaken relationships through acts of kindness!  Today we work to intentionally BE KIND!

Students participated in the ‘Pay it Forward” idea. This helps students build empathy and compassion by noticing good qualities in others. Acts of kindness help students engage in more compassionate ways with each other and appreciate the value of helping others. Through acts of kindness, students can build more positive relationships with their classmates.

Some examples are:

  • Include examples of affirmations, such as: “You are so patient. You took the time to show your friend how to solve the math problem when he wasn’t getting it.”.
  • Add notes of affirmation on lockers, desks, and cubbies when you notice someone being kind.
  • Use Post-it Notes or cards. If students receive a positive message, it should prompt them to give one too, to pay it forward.

Ask your children: “How did it feel to give positive comments? How did it feel to receive comments?”

Remember, positive affirmations at home are helpful too! Try ‘Paying it Forward’ with your family tonight.