It is with great pleasure we present our Catholic School Advisory Council (“CSAC”) for 2019 – 2020.

CSAC provides a forum for discussing educational issues. It also provides a way to get information to parents/guardians, get feedback from them, and present their ideas and concerns to the school and the School Board. CSAC represents you, the parents of the children who attend SJPII. Communication is very important. Questions and input are always welcome. The door to the CSAC meetings is always open and our executive members are always available via email. One of our main goals is to be as transparent as possible.

If you would like to strengthen the bond between home and school, consider coming to CSAC meetings. You will meet other involved/dedicated parents and you will receive the latest news about what is happening, or about to happen, at school. Our CSAC meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (save and except, January and April) at 6:30pm in the Learning Commons: October 1, November 5, December 3, February 4, March 3, May 5 and June 2. Please note that baby-sitting is available with advance notice.

Hope to see you on October 1 @ 6:30pm in the Learning Commons (Library)!

2019 – 2020 Catholic School Advisory Council


Dawn Shuh, Chair (

Stephanie Sawyer, Vice Chair (

Carol Grandy, Secretary

Maria Galizia, Treasurer

Julie Weiler, Parish Representative

Julie Mardian, Community Representative


Ramena Yohana, Early Years Representative (JK-1) & Special Education Representative

Barbara Mansour, Primary Representative (2-3)

Greta Radisic-Machado, Junior Representative (4-5)

Jen Urosevic, Intermediate Representative (6-8)

Carolyn DaSilva, Intermediate Representative (6-8)


Kelly Morris

Kristen O’Shea

Maria Turner

Rebecca Reed-Guillartes

Richard Resendez

Trina Kieswetter

Rod Eckert, Principal

Paula Pizarro, Vice Principal

Mary Hogg, Office Administrator

Joan Germann, Teaching Representative