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Community Happenings

Stanley Park Community Association

YOUTH DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT! Friday, April 13, 6:00pm to 8:45pm Youth ages 12-17 welcome.
Cost: FREE
There’s no Dodging this, put your “fast” shoes on and join us for a dodgeball party.
Music, prizes, and pizza for everyone.
Sign-up individually, or as a team.
See the Friday night YDI Leaders or call 519-741-2504 to register or for more details.

Centreville-Chicopee Community Centre

ESL Conversation Circles starting Apr. 9th Mon mornings and Thursday evenings

Math Wall: Youth project has been approved by the City of Kitchener and is scheduled to be installed at Morrison Park this spring. SJP II students were involved in the activity choices being placed on this Math Wall.

Website: The City of Kitchener just recently launched a new website called “lovemyhood” for “resident-led, city-support neighbourhood” projects/events, check it out

Spring Registration: Different recreation and leisure programs through the Centreville-Chicopee Community Association at Centreville-Chicopee Community Centre. Spring Registration is still open (

Neighbours Day: June 9, 2018 taking place at Centreville-Chicopee Community Centre – it’s a free event and super fun family time!

Centreville-Chicopee Community Centre has an House of Friendship family outreach worker named Katherine Jackson who is fantastic and very supportive ( or 519-742-8327×242)

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