January Newsletter

Welcome back Suns! As we begin 2019, we would like to share some important reminders and information.

Attendance is an important part of success at school. We want our students at school everyday, understanding that at times they may need to stay home due to illness. If your child will be absent for any reason, please contact the office. The process is so much more efficient, and safety is assured more quickly when parents contact us.
Please call and leave a message anytime if your child is going to be absent. 519-742-7378.


Umbrella Skill for January ~ Resilience

What is resiliency?
Resilience is:

  • The ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens
  • Responding and adapting to adversity in healthy ways
  • Bouncing back from hardship as a stronger, more resourceful person
  • The ability to keep going in the face of challenges
  • Dealing with disruptive life events in a way that provides us with additional coping skills that we didn’t have prior to the event
  • Adapting well to change and new situations

Why do some people get knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever? It’s their resilience. Over time everyone will face a range of obstacles and difficulties; it’s part of life. Resilience allows us to adapt or even feel stronger and happier after these times. It helps us to feel less like the victim of our own story and more like the hero.

When it comes to resilience, practicing helps. With every storm you successfully weather, your resilience gets a bit better and the more we do that, the stronger we get. The next time life if difficult, know that you become a bit more resilient with each challenge you face.

Resilience is a skill that takes practice!

Click on this link to watch Dr. Jenn’s video tip for January: Resilience with Dr. Jenn
Remember to follow her on Facebook or Twitter to catch her latest tips and videos.



January 18th is Jersey Day! Wear a jersey or sports clothing to show your school spirit.


RAYS Update

The RAYS are working on crocheting and knitting hats for Grand River Hospital NICU. We are looking for yarn donations. The RAYS would appreciate donations of soft yarn for our hats and will accept partly used balls of yarn. Our goal is to make at least 50 hats for newborn babies.

In December our RAYS made 50 angel ornaments for Sunny Side Nursing Home and 50+ cards for Freeport Hospital residents. We were also able to donate some of our extra Operation Christmas Child items to the Refugee Welcome Centre in downtown Kitchener.


Pages from the Learning Commons (Library)

Each year the Ontario Library Association promotes the Red Maple, Silver Birch and Blue Spruce reading programs. Red Maple is offered for grade 7 & 8 students while Silver Birch is for students in grades 4 to 6. Blue Spruce is offered for Kindergarten to grade 3.

These province-wide programs give students, who have read a minimum number of nominated titles, the opportunity to vote for the title that they liked the most. Saint John Paul II will again be participating in all 3 programs this year.

The Blue Spruce program will be delivered to the primary division during their regular library visit. Silver Birch and Red Maple reading will be on the students’ own time, but the library will be open at most recesses for extra reading time.

These reading programs support school literacy initiatives by raising the profile of reading within the school and promoting quality Canadian books. Books that are purchased for the OLA programs remain in the library and enhance the library collection. The OLA award winners will be announced in May. If you would like to know more about these programs, go to Ontario Library Association


Yearbook Update

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 were invited to participate in the yearbook cover contest is beginning this Friday, January 10th. Submissions must be hand in to Mrs. Germann by Wednesday, January 30. Mrs. Germann is looking forward to seeing some beautiful work. We will put the entries on the announcements and the students will vote on their favourites. The winning cover and runners-up will be submitted to Life Touch in February.
The yearbook will be distributed at the end of June this year.


Safe Schools – Winter Days

Winter has arrived and winter safety is an important consideration. Children should come to school dressed appropriately for the outside each day. Even in extreme cold when they might be kept inside, there is always the consideration of coming to and from school as well as the risk of an emergency procedure where we have to evacuate the building.
During periods of severe weather your best sources of information about possible school closing and/or school bus cancellation is the School Board Website www.wcdsb.ca or a local radio station.


Looking for Donations
SJPII School Council are seeking Lego and board games for our classrooms during those rainy\snowy days

Do your feet need a break from the ever present lego on the floor?
Is your “games cupboard” at home bursting?
Do your kids not play with it anymore?
We’ve got the perfect solution…clean house and bring it to SJPII.

We are collecting Lego of all shapes and sizes, gently-used games, puzzles, books, decks of cards, dice and craft supplies to boost the indoor recess supply in classrooms.

We are always seeking new ideas to occupying students during rainy/snowy days or to perhaps reward students at the end of a particularly productive day.

Please send your collections in with your child before January 30. Happy cleaning!


Girls Volleyball Team and Boys Basketball Team

The Girls Volleyball and Boys Basketball will begin their regular season play next week. We know that they will shine like Suns and look forward to sharing their progress in February’s newsletter.


Parking Lot Procedures

Just a reminder that the only vehicles that should be entering the parking lot at Saint John Paul II are: OWL daycare staff, OWL daycare parents, Saint John Paul II staff, and WCDSB personnel. All of the aforementioned people will have a parking pass that will hang from their rear-view mirror or a sticker on their windshield. Please review this parking lot reminder with anyone (grandparents, friends, neighbours, etc.) who drop off your child in the parking lot before school or picks him/her/them up after school. We need your continued support to ensure our students are safe while crossing on the sidewalks across our parking lots and to reduce the traffic in our parking lot.



Please visit the EQAO Website: www.eqao.com for parent resources and sample Language and Math Questions. Our Grade 3 and Grade 6 students will write EQAO from May 21 to June 3.


Family Literacy Day

Family Literacy Day is a national initiative that promotes the importance of reading, learning together as a family and community. On Sunday January 27th, join with communities and families across Canada to celebrate this special day. We invite parents to pick up a book or surf a web page and model your literacy skills. For more information on Family Literacy Day 2019, please visit the official website: Family Literacy Day.


Bring Your Own Device and Purchase Program

Partnership with STAPLES Canada for Chromebooks and Windows 10 Cloudbook.

WCDSB has made significant investments to ensure our students and staff have access to a variety current technology. The use of technology to support learning remains a key priority to ensure that students are equipped with the skills to flourish in an increasingly digital world. Chromebooks and Windows 10 Cloudbooks have proven to be versatile, reliable, and affordable digital tool in the classroom.

As students have engaged more with the technology that is available in their classrooms, many families have expressed interest in purchasing a device for their child to use at school and at home. Many parents have reached out, seeking advice about which technology would best support their child’s learning, is reasonably priced, yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use as it’s transported back and forth to school each day. More information can be found on the BYOD information page on the school board website: BYOD Information. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, you need to download and print out this document and take it to your nearest Staples store BYOD Form.


Looking Ahead

Jan 14 – This Is Me / Umbrella Project Assembly
Jan 15 – Patrick Ohl visiting classes
Jan 18 – Jersey Day ~ Rays Day
Jan 25 – PD Day
Jan 30 – Bell Let’s Talk Day
Jan 30 – Paper Bag Princess Presentation for Kindergarten and Grade 1
Jan 30 – First Communion Meeting at PLC, 7pm