Thought Exchange Results

Thank you to all the families and staff members who participated in our Thought Exchange in May.  We wanted to share the results of the Thought Exchange with families and our stakeholders.

Here is a brief summary of the results:

We launched an exchange with the following question to discover different perspectives and inform our decisions on this important topic. 

In response to the MOE announcement on May 19 regarding school closure for the remainder of the school year, what are your thoughts, feelings and questions?

In this Thought Exchange that was shared with our school community, we had 178 individuals participate, 111 Thoughts were posted, and there were 1345 ratings recorded.  Below is an infographic on how the numbers were broken down.

Here are the highest-rated thoughts: 

The full summary of ratings is HERE

Below is a heatmap of the results: 







In summation, participants were most interested in what September will look like.  There are concerns that if schools do open up, how will social distancing be enforced?  What will recess and busing look like?  Will there be changes to cleaning procedures?  They also agreed that the safety of the students needs to be prioritized, as well as the safety of the staff and that it was the right decision to make. Some families have grandparents who look after their children and want to ensure that they stay safe.

The government and Public Health are trying to make the best decisions for the health and safety of all.  The decision to close schools was not done lightly and precipitated by what is happening globally.  Thankfully due to the measures that have been put into place, our numbers in this area have remained relatively stable in comparison to what is occurring in other parts of the world.  The provincial government is looking at a few models for schools which can be found in this link:

Currently, any decision about the reopening of schools will occur in August, so please stay tuned to our Newswire messages.  We realize this adds stress to families as depending on however school begins will impact them.  We will be preparing to make the re-entry back to school as seamless as possible, under the new constraints we may find ourselves in, as directed by the school board and public health.  The staff of Saint John Paul II will be working very hard to deliver the curriculum to our students in the most inclusive manner possible.  We know that students learn best in a classroom environment where they have the opportunity to interact with their teachers and collaborate with peers.

Additional Resources:

Here is a letter from Loretta Notten, our Director of Education regarding the re-opening of school: Letter

Here is an article from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) regarding the reopening of schools.

Here is a link to School Mental Health Ontario where you can find resources for parents: