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The Umbrella Project Theme For May: Realistic Optimism


This month our focus is on building realistic optimism. We often hear sayings about looking on the bright side of life. Turns out that looking on the bright side can actually help our lives seem brighter. Mix that with a realistic look at obstacles and you have a strategy for success. Realistic optimism mixes the belief that good things will happen with the knowledge that obstacles are a part of life and should be prepared for. It helps us link our dreams to the steps we will need to take to achieve them and helps us create a plan. Success can be challenging and if we defeat ourselves in our minds with a negative outlook before we get started it can really hurt our chances of reaching our goals. Make sure you check out the Umbrella Project website for amazing activities that you can do at home to build these skills with your child(ren).


Here is video showing how optimism helped people learn:  Great Big Story