Our Lost and Found bins are overflowing with lost coats, shoes, shirts, hats, snorkel and fins (yes, that’s no joke!), etc.  Please take a look at the tables in the foyer and the coat hooks in front of the office when you come into the school today or tomorrow for Parent/Teacher Interviews.

These items will be donated as of FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8 so please don’t wait to claim your items.

As a helpful tool, our Catholic School Advisory Council has continued its Mabel’s Labels initiative in order to help assist with our lost and found.

Mabel’s Labels: 

  • Select SAINT JOHN PAUL II SCHOOL (KITCHENER) from the list.  You will then be directed to a landing page that says “SAINT JOHN PAUL II SCHOOL (KITCHENER) Welcomes You to Mabel’s Labels > Click Here to Buy”.
  • Next, click the pink “click here to buy” button.  You are now on our website and are ready to shop through your fundraiser.  To ensure your order gets credited to SJPII, make sure you see SAINT JOHN PAUL II SCHOOL (KITCHENER) name listed on the top left of each page.  Credit will also appear in your order confirmation email.

Please feel free to share this link with other parents, friends and family.  And remember, they offer free shipping!

Happy labelling!