Welcome to our school community! We are so excited that you are starting school here at Saint John Paul II!

Education may look a little different right now, but we are committed to working together to keep all children safe, happy, and healthy!

Introducing Our Early Years Team

Hello, my name is Mrs. Palermo and I am excited to be returning to the Kindergarten classroom! My husband and I have a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports, dancing and listening to music. Our goal in Kindergarten is to create a safe space so that your child can develop their love of learning through creative experiences and play. I look forward to learning and growing with all of our new Kindergarten friends and families this upcoming school year!





Hello and welcome to Kindergarten. My name is Mrs. Castro and I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator. I have been a part of the amazing Saint John Paul II Early Years team since 2012. I am blessed to work with young children every day, and I am very excited to be welcoming your child to our school community. We will play, learn and grow together in Kindergarten! I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you!





Hello! My name is Mrs. Kovatsh. I live with my husband and my son. I love baking, painting, making crafts, listening to music and going for walks with my family. I have been teaching kindergarten at Saint John Paul II, since 2013. I love teaching Kindergarten because every day is different and there is never a dull moment! I can’t wait to get to know you and your family this upcoming school year!



Hello! My name is Mrs. Sultana. I live in Guelph with my two teenage sons. I love being creative, dancing/listening to music, going for bike rides and walks. I have been working as a Registered Early Childhood Education at Saint John Paul II since 2012. I love teaching Kindergarten because it allows me the opportunity to watch little minds grow and I am also a kid at heart. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your families in September.



Hi, my name is Mrs. Schipper, I am married and am a mom to 4 boys and a golden retriever named Will! I have been teaching Kindergarten for a long time and feel honoured to be your child’s first teacher. I love working with young children and my goal as your child’s teacher is to create a feeling of belonging and joy in a classroom where children develop friendships and a love of learning. In my spare time, I love to read, go for walks and spend time with my family. I am excited to be on this learning journey with you and your child!



Hi, my name is Mrs. Malawa. I graduated in 2005 from Conestoga College with my Early Childhood Educator diploma, and have been working with children since. Children carry a sense of wonder and I feel so blessed to be able to explore together on their learning journey. I look forward to developing individual relationships with you and your child and I feel so fortunate to be a part of their first learning experience.



Hello! I am Mrs. Crowley. I live with my husband and my youngest daughter. My other daughter and son work and go to school in different cities in Canada. My favourite things to do are reading, baking, playing games and going for long hikes in nature. I have been teaching kindergarten for a long, long time and I love how every year our students teach me new things. We are very excited to start a new school year and new adventures together with your child and you. We look forward to meeting you and your family.





Hello! I am Mrs. Dietrich. I live with my husband, daughter and our fish Fred, in Cambridge. I love spending time with my family, friends and out in our community. I enjoy being out in nature, yoga, reading, playing games and being creative. I love working with children and have been doing so since I was 16. Just a few years ago:)



Hi! My name is Ms. Wenner. I have loved the SJPII community for just over 5 years! I love to exercise, read, dance, and watch basketball with my nephews. I love teaching Kindergarten because helping and seeing children learn is such a wonderful feeling for all! I am excited for all the new adventures we will have where we can grow, change, and shine together!




CLICK HERE for WCDSB Kindergarten Program and Registration Information


How Families Can Help Prepare Their Children for September!

At Home:

  • practice snack/lunch time scenarios
  • talk about things that have happened and will happen
  • talk about things that your child is doing, while your child is doing them
  • read to your child on a daily basis
  • encourage your child to participate while reading the story
  • reflect on God’s creations
  • listen to your child
  • respond to what your child is saying

At School:

  • arrive for class on time
  • please say good-bye and leave promptly (tears disappear quickly as activities begin)
  • be enthusiastic about school (your child will reflect your attitude)
  • if necessary, share important information with your child’s teacher
  • Should you have any questions or concerns you can contact our Vice Principal, Paula Pizarro, at paula.pizarro@wcdsb.ca

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If you have not registered your child for school yet, please click HERE to start the online registration process.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us!  We are here to help!

Welcome to Kindergarten SJPII Presentation and Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the Welcome-to-Kindergarten-SJPII-2021-2022-School-Year slides

Questions asked by Parents at the Orientation

Q: Is there a microwave to warm up food or a fridge to keep foods cold?

A: No, there is neither a microwave nor fridge. We recommend using thermos or cold packs.

Q: How many snacks do they need?

A: Students should have one snack for the morning and a separate snack for the afternoon as well as a lunch for lunchtime.

Q: How does it work with sunscreen? Who applies it?

A: It is recommended that sunscreen be put on in the morning before the child leaves for school. If reapplication is required, contact your child’s educator.

Q: Can an older sibling pick up my child?

A: Yes, as long as the school has been notified in writing by a parent.

Q: Are JK and SK students separate or combined in the classroom?

A: All kindergarten classrooms are a combined JK and SK together.

**Updated August 2021: Q: When will parents find out about their JK visit on the first day of school?

**Updated August 2021: A: Information regarding first day visits will be given in the Sneak Peek packages which will be distributed at the end of August/beginning of September before school begins.

Q: What happens if we go online?

A: The school will notify families if students will be going online. All appropriate information would be shared at that time. It would include 180 minutes of instructional time in the school day.

Q: Do the JKs keep their shoes at school do they have their own space/cubby?

A: JKs have their own cubbies to leave their shoes at school and extra change of clothes.

Q: Do Kindergarten students need to wear a mask?

A: At this time, they are not mandatory but are recommended.

Q: What happens if I withdraw my registration?

A: If you choose to withdraw your registration, please notify the office as soon as possible as it affects staffing and other preparations.

Q: What does drop-off/pick-up look like?

A: Students who take the bus are escorted to and from their respective buses to and from their classroom. Students who walk or are driven in (parents park on Pebblecreek Drive or other side streets), the parent must stay with the child until the bell rings at 8:20 am and then the educators collect the students at the kindergarten entrance (at the back of the school by the fenced-in area) and are collected by their parents at the end of the day in the same area, dismissed by their educators. A parent must be present before a child is handed over.

Q: What is the difference between Extended Day and Rising Oaks?

A: Extended Day is run by WCDSB and staffed by our Early Childhood Educators while Rising Oaks is run by the YMCA and staffed with their own none-WCDSB staff. Please contact Rising Oaks directly for their services.

Q: Are students accompanied to Extended Day and Rising Oaks?

A: Yes. An educator from their respective programs collects the students.

If you have any other questions, please email jessica.weber@wcdsb.ca