The Pin and Letter program that was begun when the school opened will continue with a newly designed pin representing the new theme each year. The goal of the program is to celebrate student success within the classroom and throughout the school community according to a pre-determined and publicly posted set of criteria. Students are publicly and privately congratulated for their personal contributions to the community. Each week classroom teachers (or any staff member if they so choose) will select a student who is acknowledged as the recipient of the award. Students are openly recognized during the weekly classroom meeting. It is during this meeting that the teacher discusses the qualities or actions that have warranted this particular student’s nomination for the award. The student is presented with a school pin which has been specifically designed to represent the year’s theme. The students name is then added to the decorated board located in a prominent position in the school. Watch for a letter congratulating the student that will be mailed to the student’s house. Announcements and celebration assemblies further recognize students for their achievements and acquisition of a pin. There is no priority sequence for how the pins are distributed. Thank you to the School Council for funding and supporting this worthwhile and valuable initiative.
Our Pin and Letter Theme for the 2022-2023 school year is “Build Your Skills”