One of our much loved special lunch offerings begins TOMORROW Friday, September 6th. If you have not ordered yet, you can still do so until midnight on the Thursday prior through CashOnline. Pizza Fridays will continue every Friday all year long (Yeah! No lunches to make on Fridays!!!).

Pricing will remain at the current rate until the end of December: Cheese pizza at $1.30/slice and pepperoni pizza at $1.55/slice.

As of January 1, we will slightly increase pricing to:

Cheese pizza at a cost of $1.40/slice
Pepperoni pizza at a cost of $1.55/slice

REFUNDS: If you happened to already have placed an order for the period between January-June 2020, please note that your orders will be refunded. We apologize for the inconvenience and orders will have to be placed again reflecting the new price.

Thank you for your support. Funds raised from these special lunch day offerings will go towards spirit days, busing for field trips, etc.