Friday, November 20, 2020 (today) is Progress Report Day!  Your children will be bringing home their progress reports today.  Please take some time with them to discuss the comments that are on them and highlight their strengths – they have many!  Also, take a look at them and set some goals for the remainder of the term…4 weeks before Christmas and 5 weeks after is a lot of time to work on those goals before the First Term Report Card.

P.A. Day Monday, November 23rd – NO School

Monday, November 23, 2020, is a Professional Development Day.  There is no school for students.  Our entire staff will be engaging in PD for the day and we look forward to seeing all of you back on Tuesday of next week.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be next week, and you will be provided with information in the Progress Report envelope (or by another chosen mean by the teacher) for your “meeting”.  Given our current COVID-19 restrictions, these conferences will be held virtually or by phone.  Please help us if you have chosen a virtual conference and be on time.  The technology can sometimes get in the way and we want to ensure that the focus of the conference is what it should be – the kids!