Dear Families:

It has come to our and the community’s attention that some parents who are dropping off their children at school in the morning (not including the senior kindergarten parents) are congregating without masks around the school yard in the drop off areas.  Some adults also were not allowing students to pass and were not practicing physical distancing which is something we are striving to demonstrate to our young students at this very crucial time.

Starting tomorrow morning, Thursday, September 10th, only parents of kindergarten students will be allowed on school property in order to keep our students safe. 

Please drop off your child on the sidewalk in front of the parking lot area as we have supervisors who will make sure the students go to the back of the school yard.  In the next couple days, we will have the intermediate students joining us and parents are standing in the designated areas where the students will be lining up.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this situation and thank you for respecting our processes as we maneouver this year together.


The Staff and Administration of Saint John Paul II