Good evening SUNS!

You will receive your child’s progress report today.  Please take a moment to look through them with your child tonight!  It is so important that you understand the many areas of success for your children – and there are a lot of them.  It is also important that you can see some specific goals for your children for the remainder of the first term.  Please talk to them about goal setting!

You should also find a confirmation of your child’s “Student-Parent-Teacher Conference” which will take place on Thursday, November 24, 2022.  The specific time for your child’s conference should be listed.  Although there may be a location, we would ask that you are flexible since we are scheduling so many conferences with so many different staff, and there are a number of other considerations to take into account.

Inside the front door of the school on Thursday, you will find a list of locations and we are always around to help when needed!

For now, look for goals and celebrate your children!  They are amazing!

Have a wonderful evening SUNS!