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Monday, October 12

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Tuesday, October 13

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Wednesday, October 14

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Friday, October 16

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Umbrella Project Theme for October ~ Gratitude

Advanced Gratitude 

Now that we have been working on our gratitude for a few weeks, it’s a great time to introduce what can be thought of as a more advanced form of gratitude called ‘connective gratitude’.  

As parents, we do a pretty good job of training our children to demonstrate so-called ‘expressive gratitude’. Expressive gratitude means saying thank you and verbally expressing our gratitude. However, many children are so conditioned to say thank you that they rarely think twice about it. Showing that we are grateful goes much deeper and gets into the realm of connective gratitude. 

Connective gratitude means offering something meaningful to another person as an expression of gratitude, something that they would like to receive. This is a level up when it comes to being grateful and takes into account more fully the feelings and wishes of the other person. This also helps us to build empathy.

Here’s an example:  You go back to school shopping with your child and buy them some new outfits for school this year.

Expressive gratitude: Your child says “Thank you so much, I love them”

Connective gratitude: Instead of throwing their clothes on the floor at the end of the day, they take care of them by folding and putting them away as you have been asking them to do for months.

In the connective gratitude example, they are thinking about what you might appreciate and doing that as a way to show their gratitude.  This example is certainly pulled from my own life and what connective gratitude would look like for me but it is different for everyone.  The big idea is that you are thinking about what the other person would like to receive. 

Helping your children reflect on these opportunities to show their thanks in a connective way is a great way to build and advance their gratitude skills.

Learn more from Dr. Jen in this week’s video

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Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project


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