Monday, October 26

  • Parent-Teacher Phone Interview Forms going home

Tuesday, October 27

  • Review COVID Safety

Wednesday, October 28

  • Review Bike/Walking Safety (if applicable)

Thursday, October 29

  • Review Bus Safety (if applicable)

Friday, October 30

  • Halloween Day 

Office Update

We would like to welcome Ms. Tranquilino to the office of SJP!  Miss Medeiros accepted a position at St. John C.E.S.

Please ensure the office has a current email address for your family as we use School Messenger to send important messages to families.


Please follow the direction of your child(ren)’s classroom teacher(s). This year we are asking students not to wear costume masks or makeup as this could lead to more face touching. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot have shared treats.  

Umbrella Project Theme for October ~ Gratitude

Grateful parents raise grateful kids

Gratitude takes practice!!!  The more children practice gratitude, the more likely they are to build and use this important skill.  One significant way to build this part of our child’s umbrella is to practice gratitude ourselves.  

The more grateful we are as parents, the more opportunities we will naturally put in front of our children to practice gratitude.  If gratitude is a skill in your umbrella that could use a little more practice that’s okay.  We all have strong coping skills and skills that could use some nurturing and practice. Set the intention to find more opportunities to express your own gratitude.  By doing this, you will create more chances for your child to practice too.  

Unsure about your coping strengths and which umbrella holes you could work on?  Complete your own umbrella assessment to get a picture of your umbrella.  Wellbeing is a family journey and in my experience, children respond and participate best when the whole family is working towards bigger umbrellas.  

Watch this week’s video all about the importance of modeling gratitude. 

Health + Happiness,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Additional Resources 

Interested in learning more? Here are a couple of great articles you could read. 

How to Help Gratitude Grow in Your Kids

The Development of Gratitude in Seven Societies: Cross-Cultural Highlights 

Mabel’s Labels: Don’t lose items to the LOST AND FOUND! Check out Mabel’s Labels! Select SAINT JOHN PAUL II SCHOOL (KITCHENER) from the list.