Monday, October 19

  • Practice Gratitude

Tuesday, October 20

  • IEPs go home 

Wednesday, October 21

  • Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Thursday, October 22

  • Feast Day of Saint John Paul II
  • ECE and Child Care Worker Day!

Friday, October 23

  • Practice Gratitude

Umbrella Project Theme for October ~ Gratitude

Have your child reflect on their network of supportive adults

One great way to help kids build gratitude is to help them reflect on the network of supportive adults they have around them.  This could be teachers, parents, caregivers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, coaches or anyone your child can turn to for advice and strength when facing challenges.  Helping your child visualize all of the umbrellas of support around them will help them to practice gratitude and recognize who they can trust to help them when they need a little extra shelter and support. 

Step 1:  Have your child draw a picture of themselves in the centre of a page.

Step 2: Next have them write the names of all of the supportive figures in their lives around the outside of the page and connect them to the centre with a line.  This can be through a combination of reflecting on those who have helped them in the past and other people who care about their wellbeing.

Step 3: Have a conversation with your child about how they felt when they received support in the past to deepen the practice of gratitude.

Watch this week’s quick video to learn more about this exercise. 

Health + Happiness,

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Mabel’s Labels: Don’t lose items to the LOST AND FOUND! Check out Mabel’s Labels! Select SAINT JOHN PAUL II SCHOOL (KITCHENER) from the list.