By now all classes have had an opportunity to visit the Learning Commons (a.k.a. library) to select books. During their first visit we discussed the rules of the Learning Commons and proper care of borrowed books. Please take the time to review the attached rules with your child.

During our time in the Learning Commons, children will be encouraged to return books each week and to handle them with care and keep them in a safe place at home. It is the policy of Saint John Paul II School Learning Commons that lost or damaged books be paid for by the parent before the student will be allowed to check out another book. If a book is damaged, please do not attempt to repair it at home; instead send it to school with a note. We have the specialized tools and equipment for repairs in the Learning Commons. Working together we can ensure that our collection of books and resources remain in good condition and continues to grow!

I look forward to sharing stories with your child. We are all excited about taking books home!
Mrs. B. Pomper
Library Technician
Saint John Paul II School